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Trying to conceive made better.

Overwhelmed with information overload?
Confused about what really matters?
Frustrated by negative results?

Unfortunately, these feelings are common among women trying to conceive – especially if you’ve tracked your fertile window to the hour and followed your physician’s every instruction.

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Ovumethod Image

But optimizing fertility isn’t just about timing intercourse, taking the ‘right medication’ or undergoing the ‘right procedure’. And it’s also not about trying random alternative therapies, hoping one might work over the other.

Dr. Ashley Eskew and Dr. Will Haas
Optimal reproductive health is about a SYSTEM - one that addresses the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle...

That’s why we developed the OvuMethod as well as a complete set of education programs to help optimize your reproductive health with ease of mind.

The OvuMethod

Our three-phase method is at the core of all that we do - built using the best scientific evidence and clinical experience we've encountered over the years.

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Override fertility threats

We identify and target specific obstacles that may be limiting your reproductive potential. Each woman has uniquely different obstacles, which is why we coach through the entire process.

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Vitalize and nourish your body

We work with you to build the best possible internal environment for conception. This means implementing key lifestyle habits to enhance every aspect of your health, most importantly your reproductive health.

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Unite the mind-body connection

Because there’s more to the equation than just the physical, and there’s nothing more powerful than the human spirit. Although we can’t find inner peace for you, we can give you the tools to realize it within yourself.

The OvuMethod Fertility Pillars

The OvuMethod draws upon seven pillars to help strengthen your inner you and optimize your reproductive health.

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  • 1. Nutrition & Supplementation
  • 2. Movement & Exercise
  • 3. Sleep & Recovery
  • 4. Environmental Toxins & Detoxification
  • 5. Stress & Energy
  • 6. Connection & Purpose
  • 7. Sexual Health & Intimacy
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Start Optimizing Your Fertility

Put the OvuMethod into action

Although we can’t promise you’ll get pregnant, we can ensure that you don’t feel confused or alone along your reproductive journey.

Is the OvuMethod right for me?

  • You’re meticulous, hard-working and committed, but for some reason the techniques you’ve tried in the past just haven’t worked, no matter how thorough you’ve been.
  • You’re just about to start, and you’re completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information, and you want someone to tell you what to focus on and what actually matters.
  • You’re a wellness or integrative medicine skeptic, but you can’t bear the thought of another round of IVF and would like to explore other ideas.
  • You believe both traditional and alternative fertility approaches have merit, you just need to figure out the best of both worlds.
  • You feel like you and your partner are walking this journey alone and need some professional guidance in addition to your fertility doctor.

Imperfections are NOT inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together

- Brené Brown

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