Impacting the life of one

Impacting the life of one, and so many more

At OvulifeMD, we believe that your efforts to make a positive impact in the world extend beyond you and your partner… that’s why giving back is a big part of our mission.

See how we’re making it happen...

The Women’s Bakery


The Women’s Bakery

We’re big on food and so is Markey Culver and the team at The Women’s Bakery (TWB). The TWB team is super inspiring — they work to create employment opportunities for women in East Africa through sustainable production and sale of nutritious breads.

TWB trainees receive over 150+ hours of education and earn a baking certificate upon graduation. As a result, most of these women earn more than 4x their pre-training income. That’s bread power!

A portion of all our profits from your participation in OvulifeMD programs go towards supporting The Women’s Bakery.



OvulifeMD Scholarships

We know you want to do everything possible to reach your goals, even if you’re faced with large medical bills. That’s why we’ve created scholarship spots for our various programs.

Scholarship applications for our programs open during the enrollment periods, so keep an eye on your inbox to be notified when the next program opens.

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    Imperfections are NOT inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together

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