What’s The #1 Food Harming Your Fertility?


Sugar Spiking Carbs

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The Ultimate Fertility Superfoods Guide

Optimizing your FULL fertility potential isn’t just a matter of removing
fertility-threatening foods, it’s about eating the RIGHT pro-fertility foods too.

But here’s the thing…

Figuring out which foods can ACTUALLY boost your fertility can be confusing. And we know you don’t have time to sort through the 52 million results on
Dr. Google to find “the best foods for fertility” with everything else that’s happening in your life.

That’s why we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and created The Ultimate Fertility Superfoods Guide…because choosing the right pro-fertility foods doesn’t need to be so difficult during a stressful time in life.

Here’s How The Fertility Superfoods Guide Will Help

Take Control of Your Fertility Journey TODAY...

The Fertility Superfoods Guide

Physician-developed reference guide that helps you quickly and confidently identify the top foods that support your fertility. Go beyond the surface-level information found on social media and learn which superfoods actually matter without wasting time on marketing myths or promotional hype.

  • Identify what makes a TRUE fertility superfood (it’s not what you might think) so you’ll never be tricked into needlessly spending money on overpriced mystery powders.
  • Discover everyday superfoods that you’ve potentially overlooked (or unknowingly excluded) and immediately start using them to nourish your body for optimal fertility today.
  • Avoid overrated fertility superfoods and confidently select from the more specialized superfoods that are most likely to enhance your efforts to conceive.

The Superfoods Snack Vault

Start enjoying fertility superfoods today!

Yup, that means NO scavenger hunts for rare ingredients or complicated, multi-step recipes that take forever to complete.

We’ve selected our 40 favorite go-to snack recipes that you can prepare super-quick (like less than 12 minutes quick). Don’t let the fear of spending time in the kitchen get in your way of harnessing the benefit of fertility superfoods.


The Superfoods Dessert Guide

Trying to conceive can be an emotional time, one that can tempt any woman
to eat a whole bag of cookies on a bad day…

That’s why we’ve pulled together 10 delicious (and healthy-ish) dessert options using our favorite fertility superfoods… Because food can be comforting, delicious AND support your fertility too – you just need to know which ingredients to include!

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Anyone's journey through infertility is filled with anxiety and overwhelm… The evidence-based information developed by OvulifeMD helped me stay calm while making educated decisions for myself!

Ankita L, MD

I’ve been introduced to so many superfoods and recipes that I continue to use every day. OvulifeMD has been a great resource and guide on my fertility journey!

Adriana E

We made countless changes after following OvulifeMD… some things were surprising but incredibly easy. Ultimately, we think it helped us with getting pregnant during our first round of IVF.

Ashley C

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Together, we stand against the 10%.

There’s a saying amongst experts in the wellness industry that you only need to know 10% more than those whom you seek to serve.

But we believe you deserve 110%… because we are talking about your dream to grow your family after all.

That’s why as medical doctors with specialty training in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (Dr. Eskew) and Integrative Medicine (Dr. Haas), we are dedicated to delivering you the best evidence-based information to optimize every aspect of your fertility.

And if you’re willing to make a small investment in your reproductive health TODAY, then we’ll teach you how to start optimizing your fertility with the simple power of superfoods!

Our goal for you? Skip the nutritional misinformation on Dr. Google and confidently choose foods that support your efforts to conceive… all without giving up sweets or eating foods that taste like dirt.

With Love & Empowerment,

Dr. Eskew and Dr. Haas

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