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The Fertility Optimization Guide

Take 3 simple steps TODAY towards optimizing your natural fertility potential without the overwhelm or confusion… so you can regain control over your reproductive journey and finally take the RIGHT steps to grow your family.


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Take advantage of our years of clinical experience as physicians helping women like you, and discover...

The single most important action you can take to stay calm and connected to yourself (and your partner) when faced with heart-crushing news at the end of your cycle.

Everyday household items that could be threatening your fertility keep them around and reduce your chances of success, even if undergoing IVF or other reproductive treatments.

One of the most important supplements you need when trying to conceive and how much to be getting (hint, most women are taking it, but aren’t getting enough).

The truth about confusing foods like soy… it’s probably not what you’ve been told – don’t miss out on eating the right pro-fertility foods.

And so much more…

Dr. Ashley Eskew & Dr. Will Haas

Welcome to OvulifeMD

Hi! We’re Dr. Ashley Eskew and Dr. Will Haas…

Two different physician specialists with one shared love – helping women connect with their bodies and build their future families. We also like each other, a lot in fact… we even got married.

We created the OvulifeMD community to help women understand that there’s more to optimizing fertility than IVF… and it’s something that most doctors aren’t talking about and social media gets wrong.

Together we’re bridging the fields of reproductive endocrinology and integrative medicine to educate, support, and empower women like you.

Our Fertility Optimization Guide will help you eliminate the guesswork about what actually matters and keep you from wasting time on one-off recommendations in those online fertility forums.

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