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If there was a proven way to nourish your body and increase your chances of getting pregnant WITHOUT the confusion, overwhelm, or constant second-guessing
about what to eat…

Would you feel confident committing to the dietary changes your body needs to balance your hormones and optimize your reproductive health?

Time For A Moment Of Real Talk…

Here’s Why Overlooking Your DIET
Could Be Costing You Precious Time When Trying To Conceive

Every month, you must wait to discover whether you’ve successfully gotten pregnant, faced with yet another 30-days before knowing whether you’ll begin the next stage in your life.

But the question is… Arrow Down Custom


Is there anything more you could be doing right NOW?

Whether you’re just getting started on your fertility journey or you’ve been trying for a while, your reproductive health (and overall stress level) rests heavily on the answer to this question.

So, if you know that there must be something MORE you could be doing to increase your chances of getting pregnant


You feel confused by all the random suggestions in fertility forums, wondering if anything you read online is credible and actually makes a difference…

Then keep reading…

Because what follows could EASILY be the most important moment you look back and realize that you confidently implemented steps towards optimizing your natural fertility potential and took control of your reproductive journey.

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Why Searching For Answers Online Creates Confusion and Self-Doubt

(And Why You Must Start Looking Elsewhere)

You’ve probably searched the internet or read a few fertility forums... Spending HOURS looking for the next piece of advice that might help you get pregnant.

  • “Load up on pineapples…”
  • “Cut out gluten from your diet…”
  • “Avoid all forms of soy…”

All the while, hoping that someone else’s success story would become yours too…

But then you read the next post, and it conflicts with the previous one. And yet another contradictory recommendation follows. Never mind the completely far-fetched suggestions that clearly have no scientific merit and may even make matters worse.

Naturally, you begin to question the things you read, wondering if any of the actions taken by others will truly make a difference for you… And during those really tough moments, you start to DOUBT if there are any lifestyle factors that matter or that are even based on scientific evidence.

The TRUTH is this…

The foods that you eat - and equally important - the foods that you don’t eat have a HUGE impact on your chances of getting pregnant. In fact, medical researchers have spent their entire careers discovering what nutrition factors matter for fertility.

And the best part?

You don’t have to read
a bunch of scientific journals to find this information
for yourself

You can also ditch the needless distractions on social
media, the endless scrolling through posts, and the
anxiety-provoking comparison traps... Because the
trusted information you’ve been looking for has
already been discovered!

But Before You Can CONFIDENTLY take action, we need to share some important words of wisdom:


The 4 Empowering Beliefs You MUST Embrace Right Now If You Want To Take Control Of Your Fertility Journey And Increase Your Chances Of Giving Birth To A Healthy Baby

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Belief #1:

Your body is NOT broken.

You’ve been trying hard to conceive…. trying harder than most
of your friends who seem to get pregnant despite all their
unhealthy habits. And at some point, the crippling thought
creeps in - something must be wrong with your body. But that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

Your body is simply UNIQUE, and it might just need a little extra support to accomplish one of the most amazing and complex functions of womankind.

So grab a piece of chocolate, love yourself with some compassion, and
remember your body is NOT broken.

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Belief #2:

The actions you take TODAY, make a difference tomorrow

Nothing is more frustrating - like spontaneously crying on the couch frustrating - than having to wait when trying to conceive.

And to make matters worse, there are ‘experts’ out there that will tell you the
lifestyle changes you make won’t have an impact for another 90 days (the time it takes for an egg to fully develop).

Well, we have GOOD news!

There’s no need to wait for the perfect moment or your next cycle to start
optimizing your fertility potential - the time is NOW!

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Belief #3:

You don’t have
to sacrifice everything
you love

We know that you would do almost anything to start or grow
your family today.

You’d keep elaborate charts tracking your daily body temperature… And
monitor the quality of your cervical mucus… And allow someone to stick
needles in your body. You’d even take out a loan to cover the frightening
cost of fertility treatments.

Well, when it comes to FOOD and fertility, you don’t have to give up everything
you love - the occasional comfort food is okay!

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Belief #4:

Your past
doesn’t control your future

This is a tough one, especially if you’ve been trying for some time.

Yet, one thing that we’ve consistently noticed is that women who remain
focused on the future have the best outcomes, regardless of the past.

You must acknowledge (even scream at times) that life has not gone as planned.
And when the wave of emotion has settled, you take the next action towards your goal. It's all about being present with the frustration at the moment and then
continuing your journey because something great awaits you.


Now For The REALLY Exciting Part..

Nourishing Your Body for Optimal Fertility Is Easier Than Ever

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that nutrition is a critical factor for your reproductive health as well as giving birth to a healthy baby.

No need for that reminder…

But perhaps you didn’t realize that by removing certain fertility threatening foods while eating a pro-fertility diet packed with some amazing superfoods, you can start increasing your chances of getting pregnant TODAY.

And this is exactly what we help women do in the Fertility Foods Cleanse.

Together with superfoods chef and New York Times bestselling author, Julie Morris, we’ve developed a complete, step-by-step dietary reboot that will help you:

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    Quickly remove the most harmful foods for your fertility WITHOUT cutting calories or braving
    all-day juice fasts.

  • List Icon

    Effortlessly prepare delicious and easy-to-follow QUICK meals for your busy everyday life… even if
    you don’t know your way around the kitchen or you’re short on time.

  • List Icon

    Confidently select pro-fertility superfoods so you can STOP guessing at which foods give you that
    extra boost or which nutrients are absolutely essential.

And while these actions are easy to accomplish (no matter where you are on your fertility journey)... they work best when implemented with expert guidance and a PROVEN science-based method.

Because we know you don’t want to feel powerless over one of your most important life goals.
Or worse… wait idly as time passes, wondering what more you could be doing.

Now, you no longer have to… Arrow Down Custom




The most effective and actionable dietary cleansing program for optimizing your natural fertility potential

This is not another one of those ‘detoxes-in-a-box’ that don’t taste like real food or isn’t based on real science… NOT EVEN CLOSE.

The Fertility Foods Cleanse is a whole-foods, plant-based dietary plan, featuring in-depth videos, recipes, and guides.

Unlike other basic programs, the Fertility Foods Cleanse is structured with a 4-phase system for immediate AND ongoing enhancement of your reproductive health.

This program leads you by the hand, every step of the way, and explains why, and most importantly HOW, to properly reboot your diet for optimal reproductive health.

From the science to the grocery shopping,
the meal prepping, and the cooking.

It’s comprehensive, detailed, and the food just tastes
DELICIOUS - everything other cleanses aren’t.

And even better:

It won’t leave you spending hours in the kitchen, so you can
focus on the things that really matter, like spending time with
your partner or friends.

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Get a highly-effective fertility nutrition plan from physicians (and a superfood chef) who’ve spent years learning how to optimize women’s health and wellness.

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Get a highly-effective fertility nutrition plan from physicians (and a superfood chef) who’ve spent years learning how to optimize women’s health and wellness.


Dr. Ashley Eskew

An active clinician and researcher in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology
and Infertility, Dr. Eskew is passionate about all things related to lifestyle to
improve overall health and optimize reproductive outcomes.

She has earned awards for teaching excellence and research, and has been published in
journals such as Obstetrics and Gynecology, BJOG, Fertility and Sterility, and the Journal of
Assisted Reproduction and Genetics.

Her knowledge and teaching style has earned her invitations to speak in a variety of venues,
including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Annual Meeting.


Dr. Will Haas

An educator and thought-leader in the field of Integrative Medicine,
Dr. Will Haas is a lover of all things health and wellness, including
dark chocolate and running.

He has earned awards for teaching excellence, and has been published in journals such as
Nutrition in Clinical Practice, Integrative Medicine Alert, and The American Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Haas is also fellowship faculty for the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine,
where he teaches the other Integrative Medicine physicians.

His knowledge and education style has earned him invitations to speak at high-profile corporate
retreats and wellness cruises on a variety of lifestyle medicine and women’s health topics.


Julie Morris

​Considered a pioneer in the realm of superfood cooking, Julie Morris
explores the world’s most powerful plants through her work as a natural food
chef and New York Times bestselling author.

Her in-depth expertise has been quoted by such diverse publications as The Wall Street
Journal, GQ, and Women’s Health Magazine, and her recipes have been featured in numerous
culinary publications and restaurants.

In addition to her six books, Julie is the founder and culinary director of the superfood
education center,, and is dedicated to empowering people with the rewards
of cooking with nature’s most amazing foods.

Whom you trust to guide your fertility journey matters.

When you learn from medical doctors with the highest level of training (and an award-winning superfood chef), you can trust that you’ll be taking actions in the kitchen that matter. In the Fertility Foods Cleanse, you get the exact nutritional guidance we share with our patients along with insider tips that trip up most women.

Border It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey...
The Fertility Foods Cleanse can help.

Here’s How


4-Phased Cleansing System

Physician-developed cleansing system designed to naturally boost your fertility by restoring perfect hormonal balance and calming silent inflammation. By the time you’ve tackled the final phase of the cleanse, you will have eliminated the top fertility-threatening foods in your diet while identifying the best foods for lifelong health and overall wellness.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

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    Avoid the most common pitfalls that sabotage your efforts to conceive in the kitchen and how to navigate them without wasting your precious time and energy.

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    Discover which controversial foods (gluten, dairy, soy) mess with your body without fretting about the random advice on social media.

  • List Icon

    Move forward without ever feeling lost using our detailed roadmap and Body Symptom Tracker so you always take meaningful action towards getting pregnant even after the cleanse is over.

$997 value

40+ Superfood Enriched Recipes

Delicious and easy-to-follow recipes created by New York Times bestselling author and superfoods chef Julie Morris. Each recipe has been developed with the principles of a pro-fertility diet in mind so you can feel confident that you’re nourishing your body and optimizing your fertility with each and every bite.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

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    Prepare simple recipes for your busy everyday life filled with easy to prepare foods that have been scientifically proven to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

  • List Icon

    Tackle done-for-you meal plans with prep-ahead recommendations so you'll never be left standing in the kitchen wondering what to eat next.

  • List Icon

    Incorporate optional fertility-friendly food substitutions in case your partner is not equally excited by your culinary efforts to get pregnant.

$497 value


The Fertility Superfoods Guide

Clarity and guidance on which superfoods actually give you that extra nutritional boost when trying to conceive. Because optimizing your fertility while enjoying your next meal is about more than just avoiding harmful foods - it's about selecting ingredients that are packed with fertility-boosting nutrients too.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

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    Avoid wasting time and money on superfoods that don't live up to the hype so you can focus your energy on growing your family and spending time with your partner.

  • List Icon

    Gain insider knowledge on how to best cook with pro-fertility superfoods - knowledge you won't find from simply reading another blog post.

  • List Icon

    Discover how certain superfoods help boost your fertility so you can add them into your diet, even if your doctor tells you they don't matter.

$297 value


Private Coaching Community

Instant access to the OvuMethod Coaching Community where you connect with other like minded women trying to optimize their natural fertility potential with lifestyle changes that actually matter.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

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    Receive support and encouragement from other compassionate women who understand the struggles you're facing.

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    Forge real relationships and lasting bonds that will stay with you across every stage of your life.

  • List Icon

    Side-step those lonely moments when life feels like it’s totally spiraling out of control.

$497 value


Live Q&A Sessions with the OvulifeMD Team

Never feel like your questions are being drowned out on social media again… Our private monthly live Q&A sessions ensure you have all the answers you need to feel confident about the actions you’re taking to support your efforts to conceive.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

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    Clarity and guidance from medical professionals with speciality training in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility and Integrative Medicine.

  • List Icon

    12-weeks of ongoing coaching to keep you from ever getting stuck on your journey in the kitchen.

  • List Icon

    Avoid the agonizing worry and second guessing about the advice you’ve read on the internet.

$1200 value

What Others Are Saying…


We made countless changes after following OvulifeMD… some things were surprising but incredibly easy.
Ultimately, we think it helped us with getting pregnant during our first round of IVF.

Ashley C Heart Arrow

The Fertility Foods Cleanse was the clarity and inspiration I needed for my fertility journey! I loved how the cleanse gradually eliminated foods and then coached me through adding back specific ones slowly to better understand how my body reacts to different food groups. I also loved the delicious recipes, which are now staples in our house!

Adriana E Heart Arrow

Everything was so simple to follow with the day-to-day meal plans, the shopping guides, and prep-ahead recipes. Before I even got started, I asked myself, could I follow this? And because of how thoughtfully it was laid out, the answer was absolutely, positively yes!

Megan C Heart Arrow
When you enroll during this


you’ll get: Arrow Icon

The doctor - and superfood chef - developed Fertility Foods Cleanse Program with access to our 4-step cleansing system - complete with behind-the-scenes videos, action planner, success tip sheets, and goal-setting guide.

($997 value)
  • List Icon

    40+ Superfood Enriched Recipes

    with 2-weeks of pre-planned meals

    ($497 value)
  • List Icon

    Fertility Superfoods Guide

    outlining the best fertility-boosting foods to eat

    ($297 value)
  • List Icon

    Private Coaching Community

    for support and connection when you need it most

    ($497 value)
  • List Icon

    Live Q&A Sessions

    to help prevent any feelings of overwhelm or confusion

    ($1200 value)

That makes EVERYTHING you get worth well over


Now to help put your mind at ease, participation in the program is a FRACTION of the $5,000+ cost of IVF medication or other assisted reproductive treatments.

And because we’re super excited to welcome you into the Fertility Foods Cleanse family, we’re giving you the opportunity to join TODAY with a special offer…

One-Time Investment

The complete Fertility
Foods Cleanse program,
including forever access to
the behind-the-scenes videos,
recipes, and guides.
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Single payment today of:
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For a limited time

($3,494 value)

Join Now

Plus, you’ll be backed by…

The OvulifeMD
Risk-Free Guarantee

If you’re on the fence… Or if you’re afraid of wasting valuable time...

Then we want to give you EVERY opportunity to fully optimize your natural fertility potential with the Fertility Foods Cleanse without worry or regret. That’s why we’re allowing you to try out more than HALF the program completely risk-free.

We know this training has the potential to transform your overall health and prepare your body to give birth to a healthy baby. You simply need
to show up and nourish your body. For more details, click here.


So Now It’s Time for You to Choose Your Path on this Journey…

The first path is to stay the present course and choose to go it alone, missing out on one of the most important lifestyle changes you can make to optimize your fertility and overall health…Then again, you know where that path leads.

But if you’re READY to do everything possible to increase your chances of getting pregnant and grow your family, then your path is obvious … join us inside The Fertility Foods Cleanse and start nourishing your body with the foods you eat each and every day.

The only thing you need to do now is click the button below and we’ll be waiting for you on the other side!

Still Worried About Taking Action?

You’re READY to optimize your natural fertility potential with the Fertility Foods Cleanse if…

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    You know there’s more you can be doing to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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    You’re tired of waiting until your next cycle to take action towards reaching your dream.

  • List Icon

    You recognize the dangers of tackling a cleanse alone or searching the internet for answers.

  • List Icon

    You’re looking for trusted nutrition advice from medical professionals that understand the importance of a holistic approach along your fertility journey.

  • List Icon

    You’re excited to try the 40+ pro-fertility recipes developed by superfood chef Julie Morris.

  • List Icon

    You feel confident knowing that you have the ability to test out the program completely risk-free.

So if you find your head nodding to any of the points above, we can’t wait to meet you inside the Fertility Foods Cleanse!


The complete Fertility Foods Cleanse program, including forever access to the behind-the-scenes videos, recipes, and guides
Single payment today of:
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For a limited time

($3,494 value)

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absolute best decisions for your fertility journey…

Here Are the Questions Other Women Like You Asked Before Saying YES to the Fertility Foods Cleanse:

Will the cleanse work for me?

While no one can promise that you’ll get pregnant, the nutrition principles in the Fertility Foods Cleanse are based on legitimate scientific research that has been PROVEN to optimize your natural fertility potential.

So the short answer is - YES!

Resetting your diet and tackling the nutrition principles in the Fertility Foods Cleanse is the ultimate way to INCREASE your chances of getting pregnant so you too can grow your family and start the next chapter in your life.

The principles we teach you in the cleanse are designed to be SUSTAINABLE. So even though the official cleanse only lasts a few weeks, the tools we give you will help optimize your fertility long after.

What’s the difference between the Fertility Foods Cleanse and other fertility nutrition programs?

This is NOT another one of those ‘detoxes-in-a-box’ - not even close...

Unlike most other cleanses, the Fertility Foods Cleanse is based on REAL science and includes recipes made with REAL fertility superfoods.

This is a nutrition plan we’ve developed after decades of research and clinical experience…

We’ve got ANSWERS to all those tough questions you can’t just get by scanning fertility forums or social media posts.

And that’s exactly why we want to share it with you!

How much time will this take me each day?

We know you’re busy keeping track of a million different things while trying to conceive…

And the thought of spending time in the kitchen has some of you wondering if you can fit this into your schedule.

Not to worry, our superfood chef partner, Julie Morris, has done an AMAZING job of developing delicious recipes that come together quickly and efficiently, making your time in the kitchen count!

We’ve also built out special time-saving shortcuts, along with a completely mapped out meal plan for the entire cleanse in order to remove any sense of overwhelm!

Trust us - you’ll always feel PREPARED and never be left wondering what to cook next.

What if my partner doesn’t like to eat healthy food?

We’ve got your pizza-loving partner covered.

Because you’re not the only woman to wonder if their partner will support or even participate in The Fertility Foods Cleanse.

That’s why we’ve created simple ingredient substitutions as well as optional additions to the recipes inside the cleanse… so even if your partner isn’t willing to give plant-based proteins a try, you’ll be golden!

But then again, don’t be surprised if the recipes become household favorites...

… just ask Megan whose husband requested the tofu-stir fry twice in one week instead of plain old chicken.

What if I’m already undergoing fertility treatments?

Here’s the really exciting part about The Fertility Foods Cleanse…

Everything that we teach inside the cleanse has been scientifically proven to improve outcomes, even if you’re having to undergo fertility treatments.

That means there’s no need to wait until your next cycle to take action.

Remember the actions you take TODAY matter, even if your journey hasn’t gone as planned thus far.

Is it really risk-free?

Yep! We don’t want you to foot the bill unless The Fertility Foods Cleanse truly helps you take control of your fertility journey in the kitchen.

Remember no one person, program, or supplement can guarantee when you’ll get pregnant.

So here’s our promise to you… once you join, you’ll be invited to fully test out the program. And if you do the work and decide that you’re not completely satisfied with all the incredible lessons, guides, and recipes, just let us know and we will refund your investment.



The complete Fertility Foods Cleanse program, including forever access to the behind-the-scenes videos, recipes, and guides
Single payment today of:
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For a limited time

($3,494 value)

Join Now