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Since you've landed on this page, we're guessing that

You know the right foods can INCREASE your chances of getting pregnant.


With all the conflicting advice on the internet and social media, you’re tired of wasting time and energy trying to figure out what actually matters.

And while there’s a lot of good information out there, sorting through it only seems to increase the challenges and frustrations you face on your journey:

"I don't know where to start."

"Which foods should I be eating?"

"Which foods should I avoid?"

"It's hard to stick to a fertility-friendly diet."

"Where am I gonna find time to cook with everything else going on?"

"I don't have the mental energy to tackle anything else."

It can be quite overwhelming...

And not only that…

Some of the information is just flat out wrong!

But we know this is NOT going to stand in you way of consuming what your body needs to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

And this is exactly where smoothies come in!

The PERFECTLY Crafted Smoothie
Doesn’t Just TASTE Incredible, It Also:

Provides long-lasting energy so you don’t experience that mid-morning crash that leaves you reaching for more coffee before lunch.

Prevents you from grabbing those tasty convenience foods that are filled with empty calories and increase inflammation.

Helps naturally balance your body’s hormones without spending a fortune on medications or expensive supplements.

Provides you with an entire day’s worth of natural antioxidants - you know the ones that help improve the health of your eggs!

And… smoothies can do all of this for YOU without having to spend hours in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up a big mess.

But The Average Smoothie Won’t Help Your Fertility
…And It Might Even Cause More Harm Than Good

More often than not, smoothies (even the homemade kind) are filled with ingredients that can promote inflammation and disrupt your hormones.

Yes… even those bright green smoothies filled with fruits and veggies could be wreaking havoc on your reproductive health…

So, how do you know what’s safe to enjoy?

How do you choose the RIGHT smoothie to support your efforts to conceive?

Because some smoothies can spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, kicking off a stress response within the body. And unfortunately, this typically happens without the antioxidant-rich ingredients that can prevent damage in the first place.

So you have to be CAREFUL what you ingest.

And what we’ve found over the past nine years helping hundreds of women trying to conceive is…

…it all comes down to the RIGHT ingredients in the RIGHT combination.

It’s the “perfect blend” that combines the best fertility-boost foods that naturally improve your chances to conceive – – all while keeping YOU energized and healthy throughout the day.

That’s exactly why we created a special guide that shows you exactly how to craft the perfect mouth-watering smoothie packed with all the phytonutrients that will boost your fertility AND keep you feeling full at the same time.


Fertility Boosting Smoothies

The Science-Based Recipe Guide for Crafting Delicious Smoothies That Actually Nourish Your Fertility...

Discover 20 quick-and-easy smoothies that increase your chances of getting pregnant… WITHOUT wasting hours in the kitchen, even if you already eat clean and take your vitamins.

Here’s The Full Breakdown of What You’ll Find Inside:


The Perfect Fertility Smoothie Formula

The best part about making your own smoothies?

You control the ingredients!

Of course, you need to know the RIGHT combination of ingredients to use.

And whether you’re just starting out or you’re a smoothie pro, there’s a basic formula you should follow to create the perfect fertility-boosting smoothie.

Once you master this formula, you’ll NEVER be faced with a smoothie that comes out looking congealed, lumpy, and wholly unappetizing. More importantly, you’ll have a delicious smoothie specifically designed to support your efforts to conceive.

In case you’re wondering, we show you exactly where you can find the ingredients to make your fertility-boosting smoothie, all at an affordable price.


Avoiding Fertility Smoothie Pitfalls

As you just discovered, not all smoothies support your reproductive efforts. Even with the best intentions, some smoothies end up being a nutritional catastrophe.

To ensure your smoothies don’t accidentally stir up inflammation and hormonal imbalance, you’ll learn how to avoid the biggest fertility smoothie pitfalls even the wellness gurus make.

And yes, this also means you’ll discover the important ingredients to avoid (we don’t want you wasting time or money on stuff that doesn’t matter!).


Fertility Smoothie Q&A

Despite their simplicity, smoothies prompt many important nutritional questions when trying to conceive.

That’s we have included the answers to the most common questions we get asked when it comes to making fertility-boosting smoothies.

If you’re wondering about buying organic, using protein powders, or if artificial sweeteners are safe, we’ve got you covered! Of course, we also review the basics like which fruits and vegetables are best for boosting fertility.


Fertility-Boosting Smoothie Recipes

Your endless search through the 1 million different food blogs is over. You now have the 20 best smoothies recipes for your fertility all in one place.

And best of all… there’s no need to modify the recipes because your favorite blogger added unhealthy ingredients OR completely left out ingredients that can enhance your reproductive health.

The smoothies that you’ll enjoy inside this guide not only taste delicious, but they’ve been carefully crafted to include ingredients that BOOST your efforts to conceive.

See Why Our Community Members Say,

“This Is Worth So Much More Than Spending $1500/Year On Pre-Made Smoothies!”

Sure, you can simply hit the order button and have $1500 worth of pre-made smoothies delivered to your front door for an entire year…

But why spend $125 each and every month on food that’s been processed and engineered to travel through the mail?

Especially when you don’t have control over the ingredients added to the final product… Or when those ingredients change simply when the manufacturer found a cheaper vendor.

You’d rather have CONTROL over what goes into your body, right?

Especially now… When you’re trying to grow your family!

So, while those pre-made smoothies MIGHT be worth $125/month (plus shipping).

We’re not going to charge that.

In fact, we’re not going to charge even half of that.

Instead, we’re going to show you how to make delicious smoothies… with complete control over the ingredients… and with total confidence that you’re filling your body with nutrients that can increase (not harm) your chances of getting pregnant….

All for just $17.

(That’s 87% less than ONE monthly shipment of those pre-made smoothies.)

And not only that…

The smoothies you’ll learn to make are so healthy AND so tasty that you’ll want to keep enjoying them while you’re pregnant… And you absolutely can!

Fertility-Boosting Smoothies

One-Time Investment of Only $17

What Others Are Saying…

Anyone's journey through infertility is filled with anxiety and overwhelm… The evidence-based information developed by OvulifeMD helped me stay calm while making educated decisions for myself!

Ankita L, MD

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Fertility-Boosting Smoothies

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One-Time Investment of Only $17

And Because We Want You to Enjoy a Fertility Smoothie Today,

Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions…

  • I heard maca root helps with fertility… Do your smoothies include maca powder?

    There are many special ingredient upgrades that we’ve included in our smoothie recipes. From spirulina to acai, we’ve got you covered. Yup, that means we’ve got recipes with maca in it too.


    And to make sure you don’t waste money on ingredients that don’t matter, we’ve intentionally left out a few things — like bee pollen and royal jelly.

  • Will these fertility smoothies help me lose weight?

    Incorporating a nutrient-rich smoothie with the right balance of macronutrients (i.e., healthy fats, plant-based proteins, and slow-digesting carbs) is the perfect way to maintain your ideal weight for a healthy pregnancy and beyond.


    You’ll feel good knowing that the smoothies inside this guide help balance hormones, stabilize blood sugar, and keep you feeling full and energized while trying to conceive (#TTC). And while our smoothie recipes aren’t designed for weight loss, it’s often an unintended side effect.

  • Do the smoothie recipes in this guide include dairy?

    As you probably know, there’s some controversy about dairy when TTC.
    And although it’s true that full-fat dairy can boost fertility, we’ve included a number of recipes with dairy alternatives like almond milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk. We’ve even got a recipe or two with coconut water in case you need a little extra electrolyte replenishment.

  • What if I’m undergoing IVF… Will these recipes still boost my fertility?

    Good news! We’ve packed our smoothies with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to increase your chances of success, even if you’re struggling with infertility or undergoing fertility treatments.


    From the leafy green vegetables rich in folate to the chia seeds filled with omega-3 fatty acids, you’ll be nourishing your body for optimal fertility with every sip.

  • Will these smoothies help if I have PCOS?

    Our fellow cysters know just how important it is to keep your blood sugar in check for proper hormonal balance, especially when trying to regulate your menstrual cycle and support ovulation. Our fertility smoothie recipes are the perfect way to accomplish this without having to torture yourself with some crazy diet you found on social media.

  • Do I Have to use expensive protein powders with these recipes?

    Short answer… absolutely not. You’ll discover how to craft delicious tasting smoothies using the power of whole foods, including plant proteins! If you’ve ever wondered how to use ingredients like hemp seeds or pumpkin seeds, smoothies are the perfect way to experiment without sacrificing any taste.

  • Will my male partner benefit from these smoothies too?

    When it comes to getting pregnant, things like sperm count matter. That’s why we’ve created smoothies that are packed with natural antioxidants, healthy sources of fat, and folate to help enhance male fertility. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the smoothies taste delicious and are packed with protein too.

  • Can I continue to enjoy these smoothies if I get pregnant?

    Absolutely! The smoothies inside this guide are filled with ingredients that nourish your body no matter where you are on your fertility journey.

  • What makes Fertility-Boosting Smoothies different from all the other smoothie guides out there?

    The smoothies you’ll enjoy in this guide have been designed specifically to help increase fertility. If a trendy ingredient like collagen powder hasn’t been proven to help your efforts to conceive, you won’t find it inside this guide.

  • What should I expect after I complete the checkout process?

    As soon as you hit confirm on the checkout page, you’ll get an email with your personal copy of Fertility-Boosting Smoothies (plus the special bonus!). Don’t forget to review all the extra fertility-focused nutrition info we’ve included before jumping right into the recipes!

Fertility-Boosting Smoothies

(Plus Special Dessert Bonus Guide!)

One-Time Investment of Only $17

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